Ellistown & Battleflat Parish Council

Serving the people of Ellistown & Battleflat

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Clerk: Karen Turrell
Ellistown & Battleflat PC
Council Offices, Coalville
LE67 3FJ

Tel: 07949 645139


Annual Returns

Ellistown & Battleflat Parish Council is required, in accordance with the Accounts and Audit Regulations, to complete an Annual Return setting out Accounting Statements and an Annual Governance Statement for each financial year. These statements and their supporting documentation are audited by the Council's Internal Auditor and an External Auditor.

Financial Risk Assessments

Risk is the threat that an event or action will adversely affect an organisation's ability to achieve its objectives and to successfully execute its strategies. Risk management is the process by which risks are identified, evaluated and controlled. It is a key element of the framework of governance together with community focus, structures and processes, standards of conduct and service delivery arrangements.

This document has been produced to enable the Parish Council to assess the risks that it faces and satisfy itself that it has taken adequate steps to minimise them. The Council is aware although some risks can never be eliminated fully, it has in place a strategy that provides a structured, systematic and focused approach to managing risk which:

  • Identifies the key risks facing the Council
  • Identifies what the risk may be
  • Identifies the level of risk
  • Evaluates the management and control of the risk and records findings
  • Reviews, assesses and revises procedures if required.


Ellistown & Battleflat Parish Council has available funds to support community groups within the Parish in the 2018/19 financial year.

Please see the guidance notes and apply using the application form. Alternatively, contact the Parish Clerk for more information.

  • Community Fund Application Guidance (Word Document, 29 Kb)

    This document provides guidance for anyone who would like to apply for a grant from the Community Fund which was gifted to the community, under the stewardship of the Parish Council, in 2016, by the developer Mountpark.

  • Community Fund Application Form (Word Document, 37 Kb)


  • Budget and Precept 2020-21 (Excel Spreadsheet, 14 Kb)

    The Parish Council's annual budget requirements for the year 2020-21.

    This may be subject to change with full council approval.

    More information will be available once an end of year review for 2019-20 has taken place - currently delayed due to Covid-19 - about reserves/earmarked reserves and the Mountpark Community Fund.

Financial Regulations

  • Financial Regulations - Approved 2020 (Word Document, 789 Kb)

    Financial regulations are a legal requirement for all Parish Councils and set the foundations upon how the council manages their finances.

    Reviewed annually and amended accordingly, if required.

  • Internal Control Policy 2020-21 (Word Document, 16 Kb)

    An Internal Control Policy for financial procedures outlines the way in which the council manages its finances. It is a legal requirement for a council to have certain procedures and policies in place but it also ensures the council has a robust and effective way of managing their exposure to risk, corruption and fraud.

    Reviewed annually and amended accordingly, if required.