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Clerk: Karen Turrell
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Posted: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:14 by Karen Turrell

The Parish Council would like to encourage residents to report incidences of dog fouling in the village to North West Leicestershire District Council using the following link:


Here is an extract from the District Council website on the dangers of not picking up after your dog!

Apart from being an unpleasant nuisance if you step in it, fall in it or push the wheel of your wheelchair through it, dog mess can be a health hazard.

Both dog and cat faeces can contain the eggs of roundworm 'Toxicara'. These eggs can survive in the soil for several years.

If they are ingested or inhaled by humans, they may cause eye, liver, brain and breathing problems such as Asthma, Hepititis and Epilepsy.

Children playing in fouled recreation areas are most at risk. Dog waste is a potential health risk to farmers' livestock if you allow your dog to foul in their fields.

To reduce the risk of 'toxicara' it is important to worm your dogs regularly. Cats, although they do foul, are not included in the legislation therefore we are unable to take any action regarding cat faeces.

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